Business Card Scanner
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More than a business card scanner: capture event leads in different ways.

The Business Card Scanner, Redefined

When you visit an event, you wouldn't dream of turning up without a handful of business cards in your pocket. Exchanging business cards is the simplest way for people to exchange contact details in a B2B environment, and even with all the technology available to us, is still one of the most popular ways for companies to collect new business leads at trade shows and events.

Unfortunately, there's no magic button to press to transfer someone's details from their business card, into your CRM or Marketing Automation systems. No - every single card will need to be typed up one by one when you get back to the office.

Some companies use business card scanners to speed up the transcription process, by scanning people's cards as the first step towards digitising that person's contact details. Business card scanners often rely on OCR (optical character recognition), but with no universal layout for business cards, results can be inconsistent.

And while business cards are a key part of the lead capture process for many B2B organisations, it's not a universal process that works at every event. What about badged events, or when you need to collect more information than just someone's contact details?

Akkroo Lead Capture provides a universal solution to use at all your events, to connect your trade shows and events, and join them up with your existing systems.

The complete event lead capture solution

A business card scanner only helps if collecting business cards is the only way you collect leads at events. However, as soon as you add in other lead capture methods – such as badge scanning or filling in lead capture forms – you need a more powerful solution. Akkroo is more than just a business card scanner.

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Different ways to capture leads

Scan event badges and business cards, or create complete fully branded, customisable forms, and upload lists of existing contacts to use as an attendee list.

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Scan, collect and edit leads

Add key qualifying information to your lead data based on the conversation at your booth, so you get more than just their contact details.

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Integrate events with your martech stack

Automatically sync data from the trade show floor into your existing technology stack, and save huge amounts of time manually typing up your business cards.

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Fast, automated follow-up emails

Send follow-up emails in hours rather than weeks, with links to relevant collateral and next steps.

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Single lead capture solution for all your events

A lead capture process to use at all your events - not just your biggest trade shows. Akkroo can be used in the same way to bring visibility and measurability to your small tabletop events.

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Native apps for iOS and Android

Use the Akkroo app on mobile and tablet, or a company-owned device.

Why use Akkroo to scan business cards and capture leads?

Use Akkroo at every stage of your events, from pre-event planning and preparation, to post-event analysis and reporting.

Before the event

The Akkroo dashboard is where marketing and sales teams design and build custom lead capture forms for their events. You can create fully branded lead forms, and capture data in different ways: scanning business cards, integrating with badge scanners, and manual form filling. Use different forms at each event, or one standard form for every event you exhibit at.

During the event

Sales and events teams use the Akkroo app to capture leads on the trade show stand. Edit leads to add qualifying information in addition to basic contact information, and rank or score leads so your hottest leads receive prioritised follow-up.

After the event

No more long delays, waiting for someone to finish typing up all your business cards. Integrate Akkroo with your CRM or Marketing Automation systems so you can follow-up with hot leads quickly, and feed event leads into your existing sales and marketing campaigns. Use the Akkroo dashboard to view event statistics, such as total number of leads collected, or leads collected by each rep.

For senior management

Benefit from increased visibility into the activity of your events teams. Use data from the Akkroo app to calculate return on investment from trade shows and events, and use that data to shape your future events strategy.

A business card scanner that integrates with your CRM

Find out how Akkroo integrations connect the leads captured from trade shows with your existing platforms.

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Customer Success Stories

Learn how sales and marketing teams use Akkroo to streamline their event lead capture process and accelerate revenue from events.

Akkroo is very quick and easy to use, which makes it popular with our sales teams. The marketing team find it easy to customise for each event, which has made it much more effective as a lead capture tool.”
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Fiona Dunford
Marketing Director,
Bureau van Dijk
The software is simple, effective and easy to use. Exactly what we wanted from Akkroo. New features have been added since we started using the software which shows Akkroo is constantly improving.”
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Profile image of Fiona
Charlotte Boaden
Events Manager,
Tribal Group
The beauty of Akkroo is its simplicity at every stage, from the initial set up of event forms, integration with back end CRM systems, and capturing data at events. With Akkroo, you take a picture of the business card and it feeds directly into Salesforce.”
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Profile image of Fiona
Dan Banderet,
Event Marketing Manager,
Sans Emea

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