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What is Event Lead Management?

Event lead management is an emerging category of software, designed to connect events with the rest of your sales and marketing channels. It helps exhibitors at trade shows and other events collect good quality leads from their events, and integrate them with their existing systems, ready for follow-up.

Currently, the way event leads are managed is broken. 64% of marketers rely on trade shows as a source of new business leads and opportunities, but their lead capture processes change from one event to the next:

  • Collecting business cards
  • Hiring badge scanners from the event organiser
  • Filling in stacks of paper forms by hand

All of these processes are disconnected from the tools and technology their sales and marketing teams use every day, to nurture and follow-up with leads. The result? Lots of manual data entry, slow follow-up, and missed sales opportunities.

Event lead management connects your sales and marketing with your events.

Akkroo Event Lead Management provides a universal solution to use at all your events, to join up events with your existing technology stack.

The complete event lead capture solution

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Single lead capture solution for all your events

A lead capture process to use at all your events - not just your biggest trade shows. Akkroo can be used in the same way to bring visibility and measurability to your small tabletop events.

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Build custom lead capture forms, to get the information you need

Customise the design of your form, the questions you ask and the way your team collects leads.

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Integrate events with your martech stack

Automatically sync data from the trade show floor into your existing technology stack, and save huge amounts of time manually typing up your business cards.

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Fast, automated follow-up emails

Send follow-up emails in hours rather than weeks, with links to relevant collateral and next steps.

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Measure event success, and make data-driven decisions for future events

Track and measure the results from each event via the dashboard.

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Native apps for iOS and Android

Use the Akkroo app on mobile and tablet, or a company-owned device.

Event lead management software built for the exhibitor

Use Akkroo to manage leads at every stage of your events, from pre-event planning and preparation, to post-event analysis and reporting.

Before the event

The Akkroo dashboard is where marketing and sales teams design and build custom lead capture forms for their events. You can create fully branded lead forms, and capture data in different ways: scanning business cards, integrating with badge scanners, and manual form filling. Use different forms at each event, or one standard form for every event you exhibit at.

During the event

Sales and events teams use the Akkroo app to capture leads on the trade show stand. Edit leads to add qualifying information in addition to basic contact information, and rank or score leads so your hottest leads receive prioritised follow-up.

After the event

Integrate the Akkroo app with your CRM or Marketing Automation systems so you can follow-up with hot leads quickly, and feed event leads into your existing sales and marketing campaigns. Use the Akkroo dashboard to view event statistics, such as total number of leads collected, or leads collected by each rep.

For senior management

Benefit from increased visibility into the activity of your events teams. Use data from the Akkroo app to calculate return on investment from trade shows and events, and use that data to shape your future events strategy.

Akkroo integrates with the tools you use every day

Find out how Akkroo integrations connect the leads collected at events with your existing platforms.

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Customer Success Stories

Learn how sales and marketing teams use Akkroo to streamline their event lead capture process and accelerate revenue from events.

The beauty of Akkroo is its simplicity at every stage, from the initial set up of event forms, integration with back end CRM systems, and capturing data at events. With Akkroo, you take a picture of the business card and it feeds directly into Salesforce.”
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Dan Banderet,
Event Marketing Manager,
Sans Emea
Akkroo has allowed us to drastically improve the quality of leads we collect at events and has enabled our sales team to have better quality conversations with potential customers at events.”
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Rachel Moore
International Events Manager
Akkroo speeds up the event lead capture process. We are now able to follow up on hot event leads quickly to nurture relationships and close new deals.”
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Danielle Ravenshorst
Marketing Manager
Ocean Optics

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