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Akkroo will instantly add names, emails, contact details and other customer information directly to your Salesforce account

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Seamlessly add people you meet into Salesforce

By connecting Akkroo to your Salesforce account, you can use Akkroo to capture a lead at a trade show, and that will instantly add those details directly into your Salesforce CRM so you can manage all your leads in one place.

Focus on following up

Because akkroo syncs directly with salesforce, you don’t need to worry about manually transcribing data or waiting days for your leads to be returned by the exhibition organiser. Your sales team can be following up with leads before the event has even finished.

Beautifully branded

Working with breitling, mercedes-benz, ralph lauren and ted baker has taught us one thing: branding matters. You’ve spent thousands on your events, so don’t scrimp on your event tech and have your guys using budget apps. Akkroo is fully customisable, and looks great at exhibitions.

It seems silly that our reps should have to rely on paper forms when the products they sell are so sophisticated. Using Akkroo makes our sales team look more professional.

Yan Liu, Marketing Communication Specialist, Bruker

Superior support

This isn’t a faceless app from some obscure developer on the app store. Akkroo’s customer success and support teams have been around the block enough times to know how to help you have a great event. And we’ve become ninjas at solving problems over the phone - just give us a call if you get stuck.

Works offline

Even if you have patchy wifi at the venue, akkroo comes through. You don’t have to worry about keeping your devices online. Akkroo works online and offline. If you go offline, akkroo just waits until a connection is restored before piping your data up to our servers, then into your salesforce account.

Step-by-step guide

For a more detailed, step-by-step guide to using akkroo with salesforce, view our in-depth guide.

What our customers say

Akkroo is very quick and easy to use, which makes it popular with our sales teams. The marketing team find it easy to customise for each event, which has made it much more effective as a lead capture tool.”
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Fiona Dunford
Marketing Director, Bureau van Dijk
Akkroo has meant 99% accurate lead collection at every event, big or small, and put all of our leads in one place, ready for prompt post-event action.”
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Hilary Latham
Head of Marketing Services, Promega UK
Akkroo gives us the flexibility we need to capture leads efficiently and the support is great.”
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Sofie Bauters
Sales Lead Manager, Esko

Integrate Akkroo with your technology stack

We easily integrate with all of these, and many more. We can also connect into custom and bespoke software too.

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Find out more about improving your event lead capture process.