carestream's Global Lead Capture Solution

Discover how Carestream use Akkroo to streamline lead capture across global events, and connect with their CRM for fast, efficient follow-up.

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Carestream puts events at the
heart of its marketing

Events each year

Events are a crucial part of Carestream's marketing. Their global teams exhibit at over 100 events every year, so it's important that they can demonstrate the value of their events.

Akkroo + Salesforce

Akkroo connects with Salesforce. When a Carestream rep collects a lead at an event, that lead flows straight into Salesforce, ready for follow-up without any additional data entry.

Global standard for lead capture

Carestream use Akkroo at all its global and local events. Wherever someone is in the world, they have a standard format for collecting leads, improving data quality and consistency.

Trade shows represent a big part of our marketing budget, so we need to be able to show the return on investment. Akkroo helps us see which shows we should return to next year, and just as importantly the shows we shouldn't go back to.
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Helen Titus

Marketing Director, Carestream

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